Ways on How to Avoid Home Appliance Overheating

A home must be preserved and maintained to make it more livable. This includes maintaining the things that you load inside your home.

Among these things are home appliances. To get your home safe you have to take charge of your home appliances too. You have to keep them from overheating that may cause harm to your home and your entire family.

To contribute ideas on this subject, we would like to partake some ways on how to avoid home appliance overheating that can get you out of danger and increase the life span of your household appliances.

  • Clean your home appliances regularlyHow to Avoid Home Appliance Overheating

Home appliances such as electric stove, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, washing machines, dryer, and air conditioner are prone to overheating. For this understanding, you have to clean them properly and regularly.

One matter that left unnoticed is the cable and coil of these appliances. Most of the time they get dusty or greasy.

Hence, you need to cleanse them and take out the dust and grease by using clear and dry fabric. In one example, you left unclean them for so long, this may cause overheating that may lead to a fire.


  • Furnish your home appliances a rest

Never overuse your home appliances. In one case, you use many times your microwave each day, it may cause overheating.

Equally well, using your home appliances beyond its power outage due to the fact of being overuse may also lead to overheating. It is advisable then that you moderately use your appliances and give them a rest.


  • Never use frayed electrical cordsHow to Avoid Home Appliance Overheating

From time to time, check out the electrical cords of your household appliances. Unknowingly, sometimes the electrical cords become worn out, frayed or rubbed. These may expose the hot wire and is very damaging, leading to a flame.

Do not use these cords and throw them right off. Likewise, do not place electrical cords under the carpets or rugs.


  • Regularly clean the condenser coils of your refrigerator

Most homeowners forget to clean the condenser coils of the refrigerator. This should not be as this is one ground that your refrigerator overheats.

Also, cleaning the condenser coils of your refrigerator expands its life span. Clean the coils using a coil brush or a vacuum. Be certain to get rid of the dust, hair, and dirt attached to the coils. Besides, you have to unplug first your refrigerator before cleaning it.


  • Turn off unused home appliancesHow to Avoid Home Appliance Overheating

Microwaves, coffee makers, computers, and other devices often times are plugged even not in use. This could eject an amount of heat. Also, it could supercharge your energy consumption leading to the high monthly electric bill.

It is advisable then that you must unplug unused home appliances to prevent them from overheating.


  • Do not overload the outlet

Avoid plugging more than two household appliances in a convenience outlet or extension cord at once. In one instance, use an outlet for refrigerator or oven that can manage its power outage to avoid overheating.

Also, bear in mind that an outlet must not exceed 1,500 watts. Know the power outage of the appliances you are plugging on the outlet. Likewise, you must hold a circuit designed for bigger appliances with higher power outage.


The Bottom Line

Protect your home and your whole household by preventing your home appliances overheat. Simply, engage in the above ways and keep your home appliances secure. To a safe and more livable home!


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2 Replies to “Ways on How to Avoid Home Appliance Overheating”

  1. Hi Elaine

    I am really bad for leaving things plugged in and from now on I have promised myself I will unplug each night before I retire to bed.

    This is such a great post and you are right people do forget and do not consider how much energy they are paying for and not actually using.

    So informative- opened my eyes wide. Thank you.

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