Toss Up Throw Pillows with Style

One object of desire that you can grab in the living area, lounge area, and the bedroom is the throw pillow. And some might even obsess with it, but only for a while.

The serious word is that throw pillows can make your living area or bedroom appealing. With the right combination, your sofa or bed will become stand out among other foundation pieces of your space.

Sometimes homeowners get confused on how to arrange and match these cushions. Traditionally, they would choose to throw pillows with the same patterns and designs, the same size, colors, and texture. And lo, they are off on the couch.

They will still look good, particularly if you have chosen a beautiful design and a quality pillow. However, the similarity seems to be quite redundant and boring.

So, let us toss up these throw pillows with style. To contribute ideas to this affair, we would wish to share the following ways on how to match throw pillows boldly.

    1. Opt for Three SizesThrow Pillows

Usually, there is a visual interest in different varieties, including the sizes. This may likewise apply in choosing the sizes for your throw pillow.

Likewise, the size of the throw pillow depends on the measurement of your couch. Even so, what we will do here is to have three sizes of cushions on your couch, which are the large, medium, and small.

The big throw pillow is approximately 22” to 24” and the medium size is 16” to 18”. We advise that for the small pillow you may choose the kidney pillow, which is approximately 12”x 18” or 12” x 20”.

And then, you try this- one large square throw pillow, one medium square pillow, and one small kidney pillow. The measurement depends on the size of your couch. The oversize pillow or the 24” is for the bigger couch, while a 16” throw pillow is for a sofa with very low back.

    1. Choose three designs or patternsHow to Match Throw Pillows

There are many designs of throw pillow such as botanicals, damask, stripes, geometric, animal prints, florals, and solid, among others. So, which one would you choose?

The thing is your preference still matters and the one you love, which can make you happy. What you necessitate to practice is simply choose three patterns that come in this category below and combine them. Likewise, you may integrate the combination on each of the three sizes.

  • Main Pattern (floral, botanical, damask, or other print) +

          (Geometric Pattern, Stripes, Zigzag, or dot) + Solid and Plain

Try this and you will notice the different varieties that make them appealing and interesting.

  1. Select three colorsHow to Match Throw pillows

Your main large throw pillow must have at least three colors. This is very interesting rather than having two colors.

What you do is get one color in the main throw pillow and incorporate it into your medium cushion. Also, incorporate the other color into your small cushion.

  1. Have different textures

The textures of the cushions may be soft and fuzzy, smooth and rough. You may have different textures of throw pillow such as cotton, linen, velvet, faux fur, tasseled accents, and knit wools. You accept many options you may choose cotton for your two pillows and one is accented with velvet or faux fur.

  1. Odd numbers are modernHow to Match Throw pillows

The magic numbers for tossing up cushions with style are 3, 5, and 7. Opt for these odd numbers, which is considered a modern style.

The even numbers such as 2,4, and 6 is traditional. If you want your living area or bedroom more innovative, then choose the odd numbers.

The Bottom Line

Throw pillows indeed add visual interest in some spaces of your home. Equally well, they create soft touch and feel. Pretty certain, your home will become inviting when you toss up appealing throw pillows around your home.


We are receptive to any comments and suggestions about how to mix and match throw pillows. Kindly leave them in the comment box beneath. Besides, we are delighted to answer your questions right away.


All the best,


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22 Replies to “Toss Up Throw Pillows with Style”

  1. Thank you so much to the author who has written down this kind of such a beneficial article.  This article opened my mind to the fact that it is very possible to have a smart home provided our arrangements are top notch. The listed throw pillow in this article are eye catching and i cant wait to get mine anytime soon. Thanks for sharing

  2. Very interesting article as my partner always opts for throw pillows on the bed and seating areas of the living room…and more often than not I’m the guilty party when it comes to messing the whole thing up!

    At least now I can tell her what works and what doesn’t, and even impress her with my own layout on how the pillows should be set up (she will be VERY surprised by this!). 

    Thanks for the info! 

    1. Hello Chris. Yes, you can now toss up the throw pillow of your partner with style. Surprise her! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your experience. All the best!

  3. Hi Elaine,

    Can you come and design the interior of our house? only joking you have some lovely ideas and concepts around how a room should look, from the decor to the furniture, I love those cushions and the range, style and colours, we are thinking or redesigning our house now that the kids are reared and leading their own lives. I will bookmark your site, all the best Fintan

    1. That’s a good proposal. Maybe one day I can decorate your house. 🙂 Thanks for your appreciation and comments. All the best!

  4. Hi Elaine,

    I like your website; its really lovely and beautiful. I think you did a very good job with the article particularly with your images integrations, it looks great. I love home decor and the throw pillows are my big companion whether in the living room or on my bed. The only thing is, i did not see any link in your article. I think it’s a good idea to put some in.

    All the best.

  5. Hello Elaine, this is really an interesting post and am really attracted to all the pictures of the design and combination of colours suggested in the article. All those pictures are really stunning and I really support the fact that Throw pillows indeed add visual interest in some spaces of your home and makes one home inviting. I haven’t had nice time to do this to my present apartment but I do love to adopt all the tips in the article appropriately.

    1. Hello Topazdude. Yes, you can try it in your apartment. Pretty certain, your interior will become appealing as well. Thanks as well for your views. All the best!

  6. Thanks to the author for this review and i will say the throw pillow is something that makes the bedroom looking so good and after reading this review i know somethings about throw pillow and what to get and design i want but to me my favourite design is the select three colour, it looks simple, nice and beautiful. Thanks for the review.

  7.  Throw pillows no doubt can alter an inconsistent room to a beautiful edifice. Mixing and matching throw pillows depends on individual choice. Here are some ways you can mix throw pillows.

    1. Consider the colors in your room; use a pattern that has the combinations of all the colors present in your room. 

    2.  use good textured pillows with varieties of sizes; large, medium and small

    3. Mix at most three colors and three patterns

  8. I like your tips for design layout with your throw pillows. I use these same tips now but a friend of mine who has OCD can not handle mix and match patterns. She also doesn’t like different sizes or odd numbers. When this happens, it makes her dizzy. She recently had her home built and has the hardest time making it feel right for her. Literally. She would paint and repaint, try patterns and remove them. Do you have suggestions or color choices for someone like this?

    1. Hello Melissa. It is better if you ask her first her choice of pattern. Then, from that pattern get the colors associated with it. All the best!

  9. Hi, I just moved into my new apartment, and I’ve been trying to put things together to make the place comfortable for me and my family. This toss up throw pillows, does it come together with the chairs and beds or you order for it separately? I need it to beautify my chairs.

  10. Thanks for writing this article on toss up throw pillows with style. I must say commend you for a job well done for taking your time to explain every details of how to combine the colours.but before now I care less about this colour of my throw pillows, I must say I will like to try it how to combine all this colourd size to give a wonderful style to my bed room and living room

    1. Hello Afolabi. Yes, you may try the choice of colors that you like. Try to experiment which of them blend well with one another. All the best!

  11. Hey Elaine,

    Thanks for a great post! Your tips are really very helpful for all of us. I think we do follow this pattern at home, especially on the couch. We have five cushions and 3 different colors and patterns. It’s a unique match and we like it a lot!

    Which colors and patterns are your favorites?

    Thanks again!


    1. Hello Marios. Thanks for sharing your views. Yes, odd numbers are more appealing than even numbers. I prefer white, yellow, gray or light blue. And the patterns such as damask for a large pillow, zigzag print for a medium pillow, and velvet or faux fur for the small pillow. Wishing you the best!

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