Tips in Detecting Water Leaks Underground

Detecting water leaks underground is quite a difficult task of the plumbing system. This is because you do not know where the leaks occur from.

Also, it will pollute your home, which is not just for the health of your household. Likewise, the wastewater will add to your monthly water bill.

Hence, it’s important to recognize if you have water leaks within your house, especially underground. To assist you to notice the water leaks underground, you may read further below.

How to detect water leaks underground?

1. Water Bill Surges

If you observe that your water bill suddenly increases than your usual monthly water bill, then this could be a signal that you have water leaks in your house. Hold all your fixtures in the toilet and kitchen sinks for possible visible water leaks. On the other hand, if you cannot see any visible water leaks, and so it might be that your water leakage is located underground.

2. Check the Water Meter

Another mark that you have water leakage is that your water meter is functioning yet through all the fixtures, faucets, and appliances are shut down. To make certain of this, observe your water meter for an hour.

First, do not use any fixtures and appliances that run on water. Hold in your water meter from the time you conclude all the fixtures until an hour has gone by. When your water meter dial move from its original location when the fixtures are closed, then you experience water leaks in your house.

3. Use Home Water Leak Detectors

Traditionally, when there is possible water leaking underground the plumber close all the fixtures then check all the water pipes for the strait of water gushing out even not in employment. In for one instance, he notices a sound in this part of the water pipe, and so probably the leaks in just near that area of that water pipe, which probably might be snapped off or with old torn fittings already.

The good news is that in these modern times, you can use an underground water leak detector, which could make a definitive leak test using specialty tools and sounding devices. This detector will identify what component of your plumbing and water system that is damaged and causes water leaks.

4. Dirty Water in the Faucets

Another mark of water leak underground is that there is dirty water gushing forth in your faucets. If the water pipes underneath the ground are broken, there is a possibility that soil and debris might enter the water pipes. These residues will come away in your faucets when you open them for use.

5. Wet Areas in the Yard

Attend around your attribute and if you notice there is water in your yard and it is smelly, then it is substantiated that there is water leaking underground.

The Bottom Line

Once you have determined that you have water leaks underground, you must call a professional right away. Detecting water leaks underground cannot be DIY, rather this plumbing work must be left to experienced plumbers. Getting hold of action immediately can save you from headaches and escalation of the monthly water bill. Likewise, it will make your home clean, and healthy.

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