Simple Ways to Decorate a Wall – Make An Empty Wall Speaks

Have you found yourself staring at the blank wall in your house? And probably thinking about how to decorate this empty space.

There are simple ways to make your wall speaks. And it depends on your taste which you would prefer. Equally well, the idea that you want for your wall must also complement the interior plan of your house.

In one case, you possess a contemporary design, then the wall accessories you must use have this innovative feeling. If your house is classic, then hang on your wall some elegant pieces.

To contribute ideas on this affair, we would like to partake some ways to decorate a wall. We intend that these ways can make your house appealing.

  1. Add sconces on the sides of a large paintingHow to decorate a wall

An empty wall whether big or minor can become snappy with a big appealing painting. Then, add two sconces placed at the side of the painting.

This will have a dramatic effect on your empty wall. Choose sconces that are beautiful in the figure.  They can add light too in the area of your houses such as in the living area or sleeping room.

Also, the colors of the painting must complement the furniture placed in the room. It will indeed create a room cohesive.

  1. Hang an over-sized mirrorDecorate a Wall

The wall above the console table, counter, or fireplace is often times empty. Fill this space with an over-sized mirror and you will see a difference.

Sometimes, a big beautiful mirror can be a good focal point of the room. Besides, it can create the visual illusion making the room bigger.

As well, hold back in mind to hang the mirror properly, in which it will not sway. Make sure that the horizontal and vertical frames are leveled for the rectangular, irregular, and square mirrors.

  1. Put an attractive tapestry

Some homeowners have hung a vintage tapestry in their homes, particularly in the blank walls of the living area, dining area, and bedroom. This may sound good as it will create a soft touch, calmness, and coziness. Of course, it also depends on the design of the fabric or tapestry.

  1. Hang frame paintingshow to decorate a wall

If you have a blank wall in which your sofa is resting in the living area, you may utilize this space by hanging different sizes of frame paintings. Arrange them just like a collage and they will look interesting.

Also, if you have long corridors you may hang frame paintings on the corridor walls and mix them with appropriate lightings.

  1. Decorate a huge clock

A huge clock may be functional and as well decorative for an empty wall near the entrance way or in the dining arena. It may be a good accent for a vacant place too.

  1. Droop some plates

If you have a collection of classic plates, you can use them by attaching them to the empty wall in your living area or dining area. Set them in a way that they will look appealing.

You may as well hang a chinaware collection or antique plates. They will catch the attention of your guests.

  1. Build shelvesHow to decorate a wall

A big empty wall may be designed with shelves. These shelves may serve as display storage. You may put valuable home decors, picture frames, figurines, vases, and even precious books.

  1. Create a photo or art gallery

The empty wall will indeed look interesting with a picture or art gallery. Display the photos or your family with beautiful and durable picture frames. Similarly, an art gallery will capture the attention of your relatives, friends, and guests.

  1. Attach wall decals or wallpaperDecorate a Wall

There are many beautiful wall decals available in the market now. You can attach them on empty walls. Even so, you must select the one that complements the interiors of your home.

Likewise, a wallpaper may have a great accent for a vacant wall, particularly in the bedroom, in which the bed rests on this wall. Select a beautiful theme and make it symmetrical with the furniture and the vividness of the room.

  1. Paint a bold colorDecorate a wall

Try painting your empty wall with a bold color paint such as red, blue, or green, among others. Nevertheless, do not paint all the walls with bold color. Merely opt the wall that you seem the focal spot of the room. Combine the bold color paint with lighter colors painted on the rest of the walls.


The Bottom Line

The empty wall needs not to be boring and blank. They may speak in different ways. Simply, choose the one from the above ways that suit your taste and could fit the design of your house. Indeed, the options can make a great accent in your home, making it more appealing and interesting.


If you have any suggestions or remarks, feel free to leave them in the comment box beneath. We are receptive to any inquiries and would wish to serve them right away.


All the best,


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6 Replies to “Simple Ways to Decorate a Wall – Make An Empty Wall Speaks”

  1. Hello Elaine :), 

    You sure have taste and in outlining this simple ways to improve empty wall spaces around a house you have outdone yourself. Most of these idea are simple but thinking about them and seeing this pictures i can imagine how amazing it would look.

    I would be sharing this with friends and saving it for ideas to improve my living space. Thanks

    1. Hi! I’m glad you like our article. Indeed, it would improve the interiors of your home. Thanks a lot! All the best!

  2. I am not been so passionate about decorating the walls. But placing it in the right way can really change the appearance. I think the shelves will be a good fit for my office room.

    By the way, those mirrors have really got me. Though I think they might be expensive but I’ll love to have them in my hall.

    1. Hi Ambuj! Yes, the shelves are appropriate for your office room. They are not only functional but can also be decorative as you can display some home decors or your books on them. I agree the mirrors are awesome. Thanks for your views. All the best!

  3. Interesting tips. I’m sure there is something for everything here. If you think about it, the possibilities are nearly endless.
    I’ve seen people addorn their whole walls with lava lamps. My personal favourite and suggestion would have to be to just straight up
    have thousands of books spread and stacked up in every part of my room, but that’s just me.

    1. Hello Faheem. Building shelves on the wall and placing thousands of books can be possible especially if you plan to have a library inside your home. Thank you for your views. Wishing you the best!

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