Make Your Home Energy Efficient With These Best Smart Home Devices

At these modern times, most families are surrounded by devices that can cause energy surge and lead to an increased monthly electrical bill. The good word is that there are the best smart home devices that can cut energy usage.

Hence, you can save money that you can use for other purposes. Also, they are environmentally-favorable.  In line with our goal to furnish information that can make your home smarter, you may read further below some details about these devices.

What are home smart devices?

Most of the household devices are controlled manually. When you turn on and off a switch, light, or other devices you normally manage it by pressing the button. This evolves into something contemporary through the foundation of smart home devices.

These smart things are utilized in the first place for managing home accessories using your smartphone or computer or a voice command. They go with automation, which is easier, quicker, and more doable.

7 Best Smart Home Devices That Can Cut Energy Usage

Among the smart home devices that we think can be of assistance to you and can make your home energy efficient are the following.

1. Timer Plug

Often times, you forget to remove the charger of your phones, laptop, or other devices at night. This may increase your electrical bill and it is also a waste of energy.
To break up this habit and waste, you may apply a smart timer plug that can schedule the plug to charge. For example, you can mark up the plug for 4 hours to charge your phone. Commonly, a phone is charged for about 4 hours. By using the timer plug, it will not load and consume energy when it arrives at its scheduled time. This can prevent waste of energy and may lower your electric bill.

2. LED Light Bulb

Traditional bulbs release much energy compared to LED Emitting Diodes (LED) bulbs. These light bulbs save much energy and can even last longer. LED can consume around 2 to 17 watts of energy. This is approximately one-third of the traditional incandescent or compact fluorescent bulbs. By using an LED light bulb, you can save approximately $80 of the amount of electricity.

3. Smart Thermostat


A smart thermostat can control the temperature of your house, which could cut your monthly electrical bill. In one illustration, you are outside your house, you can even use this smart home device to set the heating or cooling temperature of your home. Hence, you can handle your home’s temperature wherever you are.

4. Occupancy Sensor

Occupancy sensor will turn off the light in your sleeping accommodation or toilet if you forget to bend off your light. Yes, it is indeed smart and you can keep lots of money by having it in your home. Likewise, it is automated and will turn on as well the lights once you are approaching any room of your house. It can also detect natural light and will not twist on your light if there is adequate natural light getting into your home already.

5. MicroBot Push

MicroBot Push also works just like the occupancy sensor. Simply, it works more on appliances like electric fans, audio players, desktops, coffee makers, and substitutions. Surprisingly, MicroBot Push can push the buttons of these devices and turn them off if you have forgotten to remove the plug from the socket. It works as a wireless robotic finger using your smartphone or computer.

6. Energy Monitor

This smart home device can monitor the consumption of energy on your appliances in your home. It will give you feedback about the energy usage of each appliance and will furnish the cost excessively. In this manner, you will know which appliance consumes much energy and you will have mastery over it.

7. Smart Home Virtual Assistants

The smart home virtual assistants such as Alexa, Siri, and Amazon Echo, among others, can guide you in bending on and turning off some of your devices light thermostat, entertainment center, lights, and security system.  Some of these virtual assistants may work using Alexa smart home devices or Apple smart home devices. These things can operate through voice-controlled software or voice recognition.

The Bottom Line

These best smart home devices are essential to check and bring down your energy usage. Hence, decreasing your monthly electrical bill. Besides, they make your home dependable.

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