How to Renovate a Small Bathroom- Step by Step

One section of the house that the homeowners have personal touches is the bathroom. And most homeowners wish and desire to remodel their bathrooms from time to time.

Renovate a small bathroom

The matter is, most bathrooms are small in sizes. To contribute ideas on how to renovate a small bathroom, we have provided some details and steps below.

What are bathroom essentials and fixtures?

Before you start renovating your small bathroom, you have to recognize the complete bathroom essentials and fixtures that would get your toilet running. The major fixtures you need for your small bathroom are toilet bowl, lavatory or vanity counter, shower set, water faucet, and floor drain.

What are bathroom essentials?

You will all need these for your daily hygiene care and grooming. One thing you have to take in choosing these fixtures is that they must be durable that can live for many years. This is because you are going to use them each day always.

The next thing you must take into account is the bathroom essentials. You must have these things to clean yourself and the bathroom. Among them are the following:

  1. Tissue holder
  2. Toothbrush holder and glass
  3. Soap holder
  4. Soap
  5. Bath towels
  6. Towel holder
  7. Cleaning wipes
  8. Hand towels
  9. Mirror
  10. Trash can
  11. Plunger and toilet bowl cleaner
  12. Bath mat
  13. Storage area or cabinet
  14. Good lighting
  15. Shower curtain
  16. Cleaning supplies

10 Steps on How to Remodel a Small Bathroom

Hence, how can all these bathroom essentials and fixtures fit in the small bathroom? The key is you just have to make them proportion in size and in the right place. Do not choose big things for your small bathroom and lay them someplace. Now, let us begin renovating your small bedroom.

1. Measure your bathroom

Measure the small bathroom

The foremost thing you need to do with how to remodel small bathroom is to evaluate its size. Know how cramped your bathroom is. In this manner, you will acquire an estimate if you can still put a bathing tub or shower and how large are your toilet bowl and lavatory.

Most small bathrooms are rectangular in size. And probably the smallest is around 1.20 meters x 2.00 meters (5’x7’) or slightly smaller or larger than this.

Even though you have a small bathroom, you can still have a functional and beautiful toilet and bath.

2. Know the location of the existing plumbing system

The plumbing system in the bathroom is a lot of work. The water and sanitary pipes are embedded in the concrete base and wall.

Hence, it is advisable that when you renovate your small bathroom, you may nonetheless conceive the original position of the fixtures. With this, no need to grind the floor or wall for new plumbing layout.

You will simply replace the fixtures with new ones. This can save you more money and work.

Nevertheless, if you believe you need to modify the layout of your plumbing system you will expend much money for demolition and new installation of the plumbing arrangement.

3. Come up with a bathroom layout

In one case you have allocated your plumbing layout, you may start designing your bath. Look at the area and think where you can place your bathroom essentials.

The fixtures will stay as they are, but you can replace them with sizes that are proportioned or balance to your bathroom area. If you desire to modify the original layout, keep in mind the measurement of your new fixtures and look to it that you have enough moving space and can meet in the footpath.

We propose placing a glass shower door to your shower area. This can cause your bathroom to appear bigger and likewise has a modern aesthetic appeal.

You may as well place a big modern mirror above the basin or vanity counter. On vacant walls, put wooden or metal shelf to hold some of your bathroom essentials and other bath decors.

4. Have a remodel small bathroom budget

Budget is one matter that you should prepare in remodeling your bathroom. The purpose of your fixtures and finishes will depend on your budget.

If you want an innovative small bathroom, you must spend premium quality fixtures and bathroom essentials. Even so, you can nonetheless receive an elegant bathroom with medium costs fixtures.

Besides, this will depend on your choice of designs. But, choose things that are proportioned to your bathroom size and position them in good order.

Let the design of your finishes complement with each other. And everything will seem beautiful.

5. Find an honest contractor or skilled workers

It’s now time to find a contractor or skilled workers. In looking for a contractor, make sure that he is honest. We mean he will finish the project and turn it over to you 100%.

The workers you choose must be skilled in tiling as this work needs to be perfect. Take into account the plumber. He must be an experienced plumber that will install all your fixtures properly.

In one case the installation of fixtures is done, go over them one by one. Make certain that there are no leaking pipes or fixtures.

6. Choose floor and wall finishes

Renovate a small bathroom

The base and wall finishes of your bathroom will have the Wow factor of your bathroom. Choose these finishes carefully.

See the design motif of your toilet. If it is of contemporary style, then choose tiles that are innovative and bold colors.

If you opt for minimalism style, go for neutral colored tiles. Somehow, you can make your tile finish a great accent to your small bathroom.

Classic designs mostly have botanical prints or damasks. These tiles will make your bathroom beautiful and elegant. If you select a dark-colored tile your bathroom countertop must be of clear color and vice versa.

Besides, the colors and the pattern of your tiles depend on your choice or your personal preferences. However, choosing the one you like, or love can make you glad.

7. Choose bathroom essentials

Bathroom essentials need not be of high character as long as they are working. However, it is beautiful if your soap holder, toothbrush holder, and glass come in a set with the same materials and design.

8. Install the fixtures

Once the tiling is done in your bathroom, the workers can install the fixtures. Manage them and let the fixtures handle with caution. Check the fixtures once the installation is done.

9. Clean the renovated bathroom

Everything is set in place. You may immediately take a look at your renovated small bathroom.

Pretty certain, you will be pleased to visit your new bathroom and bathtub. But, before you use it to make sure that it is clean.

10. Place the bathroom essentials

Bathroom essentials

In one case the cleanup is executed, you may immediately put the bathroom necessities in their right positions. You may as well place a flower and vase in the countertop or shelf to make it cozier.

Also, do not forget to put good lighting. Enjoy your new look bathroom and love your toilet!


Feel free to comment below if you have any suggestions or questions. I will be happy to attend to your queries right away.


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  1. Hey Lanie,

    Thanks for giving nice tips on the renovation of the bathroom, and your step by step guidance on 10 steps on how to remodel your bathroom is really helpful.
    Particularly your suggestions about choosing the floor and wall finishes are really good and tasteful.

    1. Hello Shubhangi. Thanks for your comment and your interest in the post. Renovation of a small bathroom is
      actually not an easy task. But, following these steps above can end up into a more functional and beautiful
      bathroom. 🙂
      I really appreciate your comment. Wishing you the best too in all your endeavors! See you around here! 🙂


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