How to Plan a House Renovation – Step by Step

Renovating a house has been just like raising your house into a new style into a more usable and livable one. Most homeowners would like to renovate their homes to add more rooms, make the rooms bigger, or simply building their homes beautiful.

However, renovating the house is not an easy job. In fact, it is more difficult to refurbish a house than building a fresh house. It requires careful planning and an ample budget as well.

In line with our goal to make your home smarter and more livable, we would like to partake some steps on how to plan a house renovation.

6 Steps to Planning a House Renovation

  1. Examine the houseHow to Plan a House Renovation

Move over your home and decide which areas of the home you would like to revive. In one instance, you want your living area and dining area bigger, you must opt for an open concept plan that is visible in the kitchen as well.

Remove any partition or walls blocking these areas. However, be sure that these walls are not load-bearing.

Take a look at your bathroom, if it needs upgrading. Besides, if you truly want to be your house upgraded, consider fixing your kitchen as well.

Look at the flooring of your house, if your flooring is wood, then maybe you need to replace some of the wood slats. In one instance, you want to change the floor finish of your home to ceramic tiles, then you have to include that in the renovation plan.

Go over the exterior finish of your house if it needs repainting or replacing damage roof tiles or shingles. If you require additional space, make sure that it is placed at the right spot with the correct measurement and causes a good circulation flow from the main doorway to this new area.

List all the things that you want to revive in your household or the needed areas to be restored.

  1. Prepare the budgetHow to Plan a House Renovation

Renovation requires you to hold a budget for it. Make sure that you have enough finances in the areas that you listed for renovation.

Having enough budget can complete your project to your desired designs. Pretty certain, you will be satisfied when you see your house upgraded.

In one instance, you want to keep money, you buy your own materials. And the contractor will only be responsible for the labor. In this way, you will relieve lots of money that you can use for other functions.

  1. Design the spaceHow to Plan A House Renovation

Once you have determined the areas to be renovated and you have the budget for them, then you design what you would like to do with them. You may hire an architect or home decorator to help you plan your space.

You may tell the designer what you like in the spaces and ask him if these things could materialize. Sometimes, some designs are not appropriate because they might interfere with the structure of the house.

Take into account the measurements of the spaces as well. The designer will determine if the area will become bigger or smaller. Equally well, she will know if these things will be perfect for your home. Talk with your designer the pros and cons of what you like so she may advise you on what is appropriate.

Finally, the designer would put into drawing what both of you discussed. And this awaits, for your approval. You will catch a glimpse of what your home will look like after the renovation through the prepared drawings.

  1. Employ an honest contractorRenovating the House

Once you have approved the plans, you may find an honest contractor to do the renovation of your house. You may ask your designer or your relatives and friends for an experienced contractor.

Get to know the contractor by knowing if he has completely finished his project on target time.

This is really important as you do not require your house to be abandoned after your contractor has already passed the labor price.   Keep in mind that a good contractor will turn the project 100% to the homeowner.

  1. Buy the materials needed

If you want a more personal touch to your house, you may buy your own finishes. And incorporate them in your design and home.

As well, buying your own materials can save you lots of money. Most of the time, the contractor will buy materials such as cement, gravel, sand, wood frames and partitions, tiles, and other construction materials.

In one case, you buy these things, you will keep the money a lot. And you will just pay the contractor for the labor done in renovating the house.

  1. Start the renovationHow to Plan a House Renovation

Finally, you have all the things you need for the renovation of your house. Get started and let the demolition starts. This may take place for approximately one or two days depending on how many things to be demolished.

Be reminded as well of the target date of the completion of the task. Check from time to time the progress of the work.

As well, consult your designer and contractor for the progress of the work. Once everything is done, you will find out your home as new again.

The Bottom Line

It is such an inspiration when you ensure your house upgraded into the mode you wish. Also, renovating the house is also preserving the household. In this manner, you are prolonging the lifespan of the house as well as making it more functional. To a more livable house ahead of you!


We are welcome to any comments and suggestions. Feel free to leave them in the commentary box below. Besides, we are delighted to answer any of your questions right away.


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8 Replies to “How to Plan a House Renovation – Step by Step”

  1. Renovating your house an be very difficult, but with you 6 step planning it will make thing a whole lot easier. Usually people end up renovating their houses for years due to one mistake, therefore it is crucial that people that are renovating there houses are careful in doing so and have a plan that they a following.

    Also I guess it is very important that you have the money needed to complete the renovation, you don’t want to end up in the middle of the process skint. You should always save up years before hand if needed.
    If you now someone like a relative or friend that has great experience with painting and decorating, you could always ask them to give you a hand with these sections as you would not have to add more expenses to the whole renovation process. My relative usually paints and redecorates his home every year, throughout this time frame he has been able to develop his skills, and is able to produce a beautiful finish of his home. If i’m in need of someone to help me ill probably ask him, just saves some extra money.

    But the end of the renovation is always the most fascinating part When looking at your complete home you just appreciate everything you did to get it this way!

    1. Hello Hbee. Thank you for your views and suggestions. We really appreciate them and it helps. Indeed, once the renovation is done, everything looks inspiring for the homeowners. To a livable and beautiful home! All the best!

  2. This is a very sensible step-by-step explanation on how to plan a house renovation, and I like the way you laid it out for us. To me, if you don’t have a good plan, the outcome is likely not to be as good as hoped, and you may have incurred a lot more expenses for that less than desirable outcome. 

    You have hit the important points too that are critical in the renovation process. Buying your own materials, finding a contractor or contractors that will do the job at the best price, or if not the best price, do the best job, and before these stages are reached, preparing a plan and design are completed thoroughly.

    Thanks for this updated reminder on how to get a successful renovation project completed in 2019, I know it was a good reminder for me as I look forward to undertaking such a project soon. I feel better prepared to get started, and this article has helped. 

    1. Hello Dave. I’m glad you appreciate our article. Thanks for your views as well. I hope it will go well with you once you started renovating your house. Wishing you the best!

  3. We all want to renovate from time to time. In fact I would like to renovate my home right now. The biggest hurdle is the budget. Once you can set a do-able budget  you can follow all the sound advice outlined here. I like the idea of engaging an architect as he will work with the current design of the house to get the best out of the renovations. Sometimes, it may be necessary to have a staged plan as funds become available. Kitchens and bathrooms are very expensive  so they may need to be worked on individually .

    An honest contractor is a good idea so to ensure this you would need to check their references and possibly some previous work. I am not sure where you are based but here in Australia it can cost a huge amount of money for the scaffolding, a cost which is often overlooked.

    Thank you for sharing this information. I will take note for when I am able to start on our home. 

    1. Hello, Judy. Yes, it’s true you need to have a certain budget for the renovation so that it will be finished completely and you could see the best results. Kitchen and bathroom renovations are also costly. it is advisable that you do the renovation one at a time. I’m glad you appreciate our article too. Thanks for sharing your views. All the best!

  4. Thanks for sharing this, Elaine. The steps are very helpful. I also like what you said about buying your own materials and getting an honest contractor. Definitely good to cut down on expenses where possible and obviously ensure that the job gets done. I guess depending on what you want to renovate, but I’ve heard before that generally, you should only spend about 5-10% or the value of of the property for renovation. Do you recommend following that?

    1. Hello Raquel. I really do think that you need to allocate a budget for renovation of the house. And it depends on how big or small the areas to be renovated including the finishes. Also, I think 5 to 10% of the value of the house will also work. Thanks a lot!

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