How to Clean Glass Windows in Easy Steps

How to Clean Glass Windows

The window is the portion of the house that is pictured on each exterior side of the home. It heightens the beauty of your house, especially if it is of big size.

Some other benefit of the window is that it ventilates and brightens your home as wind and natural light pass through it. Most windows have glass panes and they consume many parts of the window.

Some homeowners have difficulties cleaning the window glass panes. In line with our goal to make your house functional and aesthetically beautiful, we would wish to contribute ideas on how to clean windows in easy steps.


  • Use vinegar and water solution

Vinegar is often employed in cleaning some areas of the house and home appliances. It is efficient in cleaning and can remove persistent dirt in many matters.

It is found that vinegar with water can spark clean your window panes. This is because it has an acidic composition that breaks down a type of film that is gathered in the areas of the glass window panes.

Also, using this vinegar and water solution can make your window panes free from streaks. To prepare the vinegar and water solution, simply, mix one portion of distilled vinegar to one part hot or tap warm water.

Then, take a sponge and pour some solution in the leech. Wipe the glass window panes with the sponge with a solution.

You may as well use a squeegee and moisten it with the solution. Then, cleanse the glass window from the top to down.

Once the window glass panes were cleaned, you may wash and dry them with microfiber fabric or newspaper or the glass wiper. Equally well, dry the window frames to prevent them from any damage or rust.

Maintain in mind that you have to clean the glass window panes when there is no direct sun along the windowpanes.

  • Utilize an appropriate glass cleaner

Experts suggest using a proper glass cleaner to meltdown and get rid of the dirt and dust on your window glass panes. There are many glass cleaners in the marketplace today.

Some of the efficient cleaners are the Invisible Glass Cleaner with EZ Grip, Greasy Windows: Spic & Span Cinch Glass Cleaner, Speed Cleaning: Windex Original Glass Wipes, and Outside: Windex Outdoor Cleaning Tool, among others.

Invisible Glass Premium Glass Cleaner (6 Packs); To buy: $34.87,

These glass cleaners are tested, and many customers are satisfied with their operation. Most of them come in spray bottles.

Hence, you just spray a decent sum of these cleaners onto your glass panes. Then, wipe the glass with a microfiber cloth thus removing the dirt from the panes.

  • Opt for cider vinegar and rubbing alcohol solution

Another homemade cleaner that is effective in cleaning the glass window panes is the mixture of ½ cup cider vinegar, 2 cups of water, and ¼ cup rubbing alcohol with 70% concentration.

Put the blended ingredients in a sprayer bottle. Then, spray the solution along the window panes. Rinse and dry them with microfiber cloth or newspaper. You will see a difference as your glass panes sparkle new again.


The Bottom Line

Cleaning the glass panes of your windows can make your home neat looking. Likewise, it is healthy for your whole household and your home.

It is recommended that you clean your window glass panes at least twice a year. You may do this part or room by room. To clean and healthy windows!

If you have any suggestion regarding how to clean window glass panes, you may leave them on the commentary box below. We appreciate them, and we are likewise receptive to any questions.


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4 Replies to “How to Clean Glass Windows in Easy Steps”

  1. Thank you so much for this informative article on window cleaning. I honestly had no idea that there were so many ways to clean windows and so many natural solutions as well.

    Do you have a favorite method that you use and recommend?

    I was especially fond of the Rubbing Alcohol mixed with Apple Cider Vinegar, I mean, who knew. I keep both these substances in the house and cannot wait to try this method tomorrow.

    Thanks again for such an informative article. I cannot wait to read other work from you now, so will be back for more amazing tips. Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi! I’m glad you appreciate our article. I would recommend that you try the white vinegar or apple cider vinegar with water. The vinegar is really effective in cleaning many things particularly the glass and the stainless steel. Hope this helps. All the best! 

  2. I really like the vinegar and water solution. It is natural and doesn’t have pollutants that it produces that goes back into our system. You are also correct, there is nothing like clean windows to brighten up the place!  I have a two story house, do you have any suggestions on how to get to those hard to reach places?

    1. Hi Angela. I agree the vinegar and water solution is effective. Also, I suggest you use a ladder or build wooden scaffolds to reach your windows on the second level of your home. All the best! 

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