Home Organization and Storage: How to Declutter A Home

Do you feel stress when you see litters around your home? Unquestionably, a cluttered home can make you anxious and uncomfortable.

Likewise, you cannot think well when you see things spread out on the floor or disorganize on the shelves and storage lockers. Sometimes, you induce a propensity to become angry easily when there are many litters in your house.

Hence, for this reason, you have to get your home organize. Many homeowners have burdened to organize their homes. Nevertheless, you can declutter a home in easy steps and fast.

In line with our goal to make your home smarter and organize, we would like to partake some details on how to declutter your home in efficient ways.

Why You Need To Declutter Your Home

How to declutter a home

A study printed in The Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin in 2009 indicated that the number of participants, particularly the women who saw their houses as cluttered were found to be more depressed compared to those who had organized houses.

Hence, a cluttered home could affect you mentally and emotionally too. When you sustain a clean and organize room you tend to be in the mood.

Also, organizing your home can beautify the surroundings of your home. As well, it is healthy for the overall well-being of your household.

The cluttered things in your house are prone to dust and dirt. And when your children touch them and place their hands on their mouths and bodies, they may acquire diseases.

Having an organized home can also light up your days. When you wake up in the sunrise and prepare for breakfast and you see no clutter around, it can get your day fantastic and glad.

Home Organization and Storage Essentials

Meanwhile, to declutter your home, you need some essentials to keep your things in proper place. You may take into account the following things:

    • Storage bins, boxes, and containers
    • Drawer wire organizers
Comfecto 2-Pcs Under Cabinet Storage Shelf Wire Basket Organizer for Cabinet. To buy: $19.99, Amazon.com.
  • Storage bags
  • Cabinet door organizer holder
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      • Storage hooks, racks, and shelves
      • Decorative cube storage
      • Wastebaskets and trash cans
      • Storage baskets, and caddies


    VonHaus Seagrass Storage Baskets, Set of 4, To buy: $44.95, Amazon.com.
    • Shelf liners
    • Shelves and shelving unit
    • Bottle holder stand
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  • Hardware and craft cabinet
  • Dry food dispenser
Zevro Indispensable Dry Food Dispenser. To buy: $23.88, Amazon.com.

How to Declutter a Home Fast

Organizing your home can be done fast and easy. Simply, take into account the following points:

  1. Provide trash cans for each room of your house

Train your children to throw their wastes in the trash can. These include the candy peels, old papers, and soda cans, among others.

It is better that you have a recyclable bin as well. If your children learn to throw their wastes in the trash bin, then the clutters in your house will be reduced.

  1. Clear the center table

The living area will look coordinated and fair if you illuminate the center table by about 75%. As much as possible, do not place many decors or things on the center table.

You may just put a flower in a vase, a small candy bowl, and a good book. Or a vase with decorative candles or orbs set.

Also, keep in mind to remove glasses or any other things left by your children or visitors right away. Do not have them remain for hours or days.

  1. Clean right away

If you saw toys scattered on the floor, keep them right away in the toy boxes. Also, if there are debris and dirt, sweep them immediately and cast them in the food waste bin.

Do not have them stick around for hours as these clusters may increase. Besides, you need storage boxes for your children’s toys, trays or organizers for papers, and pen holders. These things can keep your children’s room neat and in order.

  1. Clear the kitchen counter or kitchen island counterHow to declutter a kitchen

Your kitchen counter or island counter attracts visitors. It is mostly the eye catcher in the home. As lots as possible, keep this counter free from other miscellaneous matters.

Do not put the utensil holder, knives, keys, mugs, glasses, home bases, spices, and recipe books, among others. Clear your kitchen counter and this will make your home clutter-free.

Besides, this is applicable to those with an open concept design. Hence, your kitchen counter is visible in the dining area and living area. For this reason, make it fresh and organize always.

  1. Use storage baskets

Storage baskets have many functions. You may set a storage basket for each room of your home. With this basket, you may put things that you use, such as books, toys, pillows, magazines, and other matters that you cannot hold on right away.

And when you have the time or during weekends, you may coordinate these affairs in their proper shelving or storage lockers. Also, you may use this storage basket as a laundry basket for your dirty clothes. You may place one in the bathroom and another in your bedroom.

  1. Utilize the back of the kitchen cabinet

There are many things in the kitchen that sometimes clutter around the kitchen counter or walls. To prevent this, you may use the backrest of the kitchen cabinet.

Invest a cabinet door organizer holder as seen on the picture above. This is really useful, and you can put many kitchen wares on it. If you have many kitchen cabinets and fill them with these holders, pretty certain, your kitchen will look prim and clean always.

  1. Opt for a shelving unit

    Langria 6-Tier Durable Bathroom Wire Shelving Unit. To buy: $55.99, Amazon.com.

A shelving unit is ideal in the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry area. It will organize your things in this storage. Then, mix it with a woven storage basket to sort your things based on category.

These include towels, microfiber fabric, soap bars, laundry clips, and many more. Indeed, when they are put in these storages everything looks clean and orderly.

The Bottom Line

A home free from clutter is comfy and healthy for the entire household. You can get your house clutter free by taking some points above on how to declutter a home.

Pretty certain, your home will look welcoming and inviting. Besides, it will spare you from headaches and anxiety. To a bright and beautiful place to be!


We are open to any suggestions and comments. Simply, leave them below in the commentary box. We value them and pleased to answer your inquiries as well.


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6 Replies to “Home Organization and Storage: How to Declutter A Home”

  1. I quite know organization and storage in a home does not only present one as a hygienist but also a matured person. Decluttering of house can also be a task to carry out and might be time consuming too but all the same it helps to create that wonderful look around the house, creating space for easy movement. Thanks for all the tips you provided, I’m sure to stick to it when decluttering my house.

    1. Hello Salim. Yes, decluttering a home is quite time-consuming. But, with the following above tips, you can declutter fast. As well, you must have provisions for storage essentials. Thank you for your views. All the best!

  2. Hallo there Elaine ,

    I totally agree with you on the mental and emotional effect that a messy home has on a person, this is from experience.

    I tend to be confused and kind of lack clarity when my house is a mess. But when I clean it, I usually heave a “mental” sigh of relief and feel peaceful.

    Thanks a lot for the extra tips I have learned on organization. 

    I definitely suck at home organization but I am sure they will help me become a better person.

    Have a lovely day! 🙂

    1. Hello Dave. Yes, it’s true, I experience that too. When everything is messy, I don’t know what to do. And when I clean and organize my room, I feel lighten up and relax. Thanks for your views. Wishing you the best!

  3. A cluttered home can make me so miserable that I can feel like running away from my home. 

    I looked through your list of how to declutter a home and I saw that I am already a strict adherent of the items on your list. 

    That’s a huge relief since I like to see my self as a well established home maker. 

    1. hahaha…do not rum from your home. 🙂 Simply, organize your things and declutter your home. You can do it. 🙂 All the best! Thanks, Peace. 🙂

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