Home Collectible Items with Vintage Charm

When you say collectibles, what comes into your mind? Collectibles for some people are things that they want to collect all throughout the period of time. This means that it takes time to collect these items.

Most homeowners have collectible items. They regard them as precious and preserve them safely in their homes. These items make them happy when they see them. Besides, some home collectible items are pretty certain usable.

What makes an item collectible?

Most vintage home collections existed way back in the past. They are often as old as the antiques. Hence, antiques are considered a category of home collections.

For this reason, because of their old existence, most collectibles are valuable, particularly when the homeowners see them as they are.

On the other hand, some of these collectibles are simple in design and use but they hold value to the home collector. This what makes an item a collectible.

We can say that these home collectible items also have a touch of classic. Nevertheless, they are structured well and of high quality.

Some homeowners make these collectible items as accents in their living area, lounge area, bedroom, kitchen, and home office. They often have personal touches from the collector.

The value of these collectible items also increases as they age. To crown it all, these collections can augment the value of your home.

7 Home Collectible Items

In line with our goal to make your home interesting, we have rounded up some home collectible items that we think can make your home appealing.

  1. Armchair

Modway Vintage French-inspired elegant armchair with solid wood frame and premium padded seating. To buy: $205.12, Amazon.com.

Armchairs are comfortable and have unique various designs. You can rest your arms while you sit on a cushioned chair. Most vintage armchairs are appealing as well.

Simply, place an armchair in one side or corner of your living area, lounge area, or bedroom. It may also serve as a reading area just furnish it with a floor lamp or table lamp.

What we like with armchair is that when you sit on it you will feel relax. It is also a beautiful accent in your home, particularly in the living area, bedroom, or guest bedroom. You may find some armchair elegant as well.

  1. Old Upside-Down Ball Mason Jar

Collectors can make a huge amount of money out of the old mason jar, particularly the upside-down ball mason jar.

home collectible items

The genuine old ball mason jar existed since the 19th century. Surprisingly, it is now worth around $1,000.

You can use mason jars as food containers, vases, drinking, some DIY projects, and many more. They have their own character and simply practical and beautiful.

Having an old mason jar in your home makes a great statement.

  1. Silverware

Vintage Oneida Community Evening Star 120-Piece Silverware. To buy: $599.99, Amazon.com.

Most homeowners particularly the mothers collect silverware also known as flatware or tableware. This silverware includes spoons, forks, and knives.

They come in various designs and used for preparation, eating, and serving food. The earliest spoons were then made from a baked clay then evolve into bone and wood.

Later on, the Egyptians made spoons out of bronze, while the Greeks and Romans fashioned silver spoons. Also, the Romans made a two-prong fork, which at first has a single point.

In the middle ages, the handles of forks and spoons are made from precious or semi-precious materials. The flatware evolves into more innovations and mimics the silverware during the 17th and 18th century or the Victorian and Edwardian eras.

As of today, one of the most valuable silverware is the antique sterling silverware. Many women would like to have these home collectibles.

The sterling silver silverware is durable but quite costly. On the other hand, you can also have silver or gold plated silverware, which looks elegant as well in the dinner table.

  1. Lamps

Ashley Fallon Table Lamps with Classic French Turned Wood, set of 2 Lamps. To buy: $118.72, Amazon.com.

Vintage lamps will take you somewhere in the past. There are of different styles such as the Art Deco style, Classic Revival, Colonial Revival, Mid-Century Modern, Traditional, Victorian, and Romance Revival, among others.

Each design has a touch of character. And you may find it in your choice of lamp. It is of best use when it complements the interior of your house. Or simply, make it a great accent.

  1. Trunk

BLUECC Vintage Beautiful Wood Treasure Chest Storage Trunk can also be used as the center table. To buy: $119.00, Amazon.com.

A trunk is originally used as a container for personal belongings including clothes. However, at these times, many trunks particularly the vintage one is used as a side table or coffee table.

Also, some homeowners simply decorate it in their bedroom or living area. It existed since the 18th century and considered as an antique collectible.

Trunks are of different styles and structure. Among the common ones are the steamer trunk, dresser trunk, wall-trunk, wardrobe trunk, hat trunk, and cabin trunk, among others.

  1. Cast-Iron Mail Box

Victorian Barcelona Decorative Cast Aluminum Mailbox by Better Box Mailboxes with vintage design. To buy: $208.99, Amazon.com.

Achieve that classic character in your entryway with the cast-iron mailbox. This mailbox simply not only receives your mail but also a piece of valuable thing that adds drama to your home.

The first cast iron mailbox was seen in Russia in the 19th century. You may also find antique mailboxes in the Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

However, it must be properly maintained or else it will become rusty. Simply, this cast-iron mailbox will indeed make your home interesting.

  1. Antique Dining Chairs

Hillsdale Wilshire Traditional Dining Chairs, Set of 2 with Antique White Finish. To buy: $305.72, Amazon.com.

Antique dining chairs have a touch of elegance. Besides, they are durable and can last longer. The rarity, age, styles, and their other unique features make them a valuable collection.

The style may mimic the designs of the antique period, which includes Colonial, Edwardian, Tudor, Neoclassical, Gothic, Mid-century, and Victorian, among others. Most of these antique dining chairs are structured well and made from premium quality materials.

The Bottom Line

Home collectibles are interior furnishings that are of considerable age. They are rare and have that definitive style. As well, they have that unique and lasting character. The above vintage home collections will indeed add a dramatic touch into your home making it beautiful and appealing.


If you have any suggestions and queries, feel free to leave them below in the comment box. We appreciate them and certainly will be pleased to answer all your questions.

All the best,


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14 Replies to “Home Collectible Items with Vintage Charm”

  1. Hi Elaine, 

    I love old things, I believe they carry history in them. My parents are antiques collectors, but I am more interested in kitchen related collections than just general furniture. 

    even if I love kitchen related collectibles, from your list of collectibles,  I would like to go with the Ashley Fallon Table Lamps with Classic French Turned Wood, set of 2 Lamps. Because of the fact that they are coming as a double furniture, I believe it would bring double success to my home. 

    1. Hello, Peace. That is a great choice. These lamps have a classic design and unique legs that make them more appealing than other lamps. Thanks a lot! All the best!

  2. Thanks for sharing this great article here, I appreciate you taking time and breaking it all down for us. This is great.
    My dad have always kept one brass roster statue and I always wonder why he kept. In this review you have enlightened me more. Thanks for building this website and investing your time. It’s a great site.

    1. Hello Musbau Shittu. Thank you for sharing your views. Pretty certain, the home collectible of your dad is valuable for him. All the best!

  3. Hi Elaine,

    I accidentally come across your article about home collectable items and I find it very interesting so thank you very much.

    I never thought those the most consider “old” furniture has a real value. But, I agree they are part of a ‘generation’ and resembles the values and art of that generation hence truely has a sentimental and historical value. I should pass your post to my kids so they can understand.

    Thanks again for the article.
    Best wishes.

    1. Hello Skamalka. Thanks for your views about home collectible items. Indeed, they have historical and sentimental value. What is good with these collectibles is that they preserve the things in the past. Yes, I agree, young ones should know about them. All the best!

  4. I love a lot of the collectible items on your list. Unfortunately, I am not yet a homeowner and I move a lot, so I don’t really have the ability to start collecting stuff. (If I had too much stuff it would be very difficult to move) But I do love to visit thrift shops and antique stores to see all the interesting things I would buy if only I had the room for them. I guess I am a “window collector,” like a window shopper who just looks and doesn’t actually buy things. 🙂

    My favorite things to find are old, antique trunks and interesting glass bottles or various colors. My mother also likes these things and she actually buys them, unlike me. Just as you said, they have given her house a nice touch that speaks of times long past and adds a bit of class to the room.

    1. Hello Mariah. Thanks for sharing your views and experiences about collectibles. Probably, in time, when you have your own house you will have your own collectibles too. The trunk and glass bottles make appealing collectibles. Thanks a lot! All the best!

  5. I just moved into the new house and just wondering something that can make my house more appealing, your article provide an information that’s really helpful, now I understand the story of every collectibles and the reason that makes them valuable, I love most all of 7 collectibles but only the lamps do really catch my attention, haha I will think about to buy two of it to put in the living room.

    1. Hello, Bill. I’m glad to hear you move out to a new house. It takes a lot of preparation and maintenance. Besides, you have to furnish it. But, it’s worth having. 🙂 Yes, the lamps are beautiful and has a unique and classic leg. They are great lighting in your living room. Thanks a lot! 🙂

  6. Good afternoon Elaine,

    On your About page I read you like to make peoples homes beautiful and a healthy place to live. I think that is a really nice job. 

    I love collectibles and my house is full of them. Having lived on my farm since 1981 I have things from my mother and grandmother which I inherited. Each piece has a story attached but I must admit it takes a lot of cleaning. 

    I have chairs and a big table with lions feet. It is from the Regency period 1811-1820. It was standing in the house in the house of my grandparents and my parents had their wedding lunch at this table. You can understand that it has a big sentimental value to me.

    Regards, Taetske

    1. Hello, Taetske! Your antique furniture is passed on through generations from your family. This makes it valuable and precious to you. Each antique furniture often times has its own story. Your story is wonderful. 🙂 Thanks for sharing and your views. I really appreciate it. All the best! 

  7. Thanks for this wonderful inspiration. It is so touching to learn from the old. The antique furniture is passed on through generations from your family. This makes it valuable and precious to us. Old things carry history in them. My grandfather is an antique collector and have passed the grace to my father. I am now also learning from the process.

    1. Thank you for your views and comment. Indeed, the antique is valuable particularly if it comes from your family and passes on to you. Each has its own story and preserving it at home can make you remember your family as well. Besides, as they age they become more precious. Another good thing about them is the classic design that makes them different from other things. As you will look further at the details, you will notice the design is more intricate than the latest furnishing we have now in the market. All the best! 🙂

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