Choosing A Right Flooring For Your Home

A newly built house will never be completed without a flooring finish. There are many types of floor finishes and choosing a right flooring for your home is very essential.

A proper floor finish can enhance the beauty of your house. Likewise, you have to consider if the texture of flooring is suitable and complements the area of your home. To enlighten you more about this, you may read further below some details about floor finishes.

Common Types of Flooring Used in Homes

Floor finishes vary in texture, colors, types, materials, and use. The following are some of the common types of floor finishes that are used in houses:


Hardwood is one of the most popular floor finishes that is used in the house. This material is durable and can warm the whole area of the house. Hence, it is ideal in places with cold weather.

The beauty of hardwood is its natural appeal, in which you can even see its grains. Sanding it properly reveals its natural appearance. What is good with this wooden flooring is that you can refinish it many times and can also hold out for many years.

Also, it does not run out of style. It complements any types of house, whether traditional, modern, or contemporary in design. Hardwood is best fitted in the living room and dining area. It makes these areas, stylish and appealing.

On the other hand, hardwood is quite costlier than other types of flooring. Also, they are quite difficult to keep up, and you have to refinish them from time to time.

2. Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles complement a modern interiors.

Ceramic tiles look clean and stunning in homes. They may be glazed or unglazed and of various designs. It is advisable that you opt for unglazed tiles for the flooring to prevent slip and fall. On the other hand, you may likewise pick out the glazed tiles if you trust. Simply, you induce to observe caution while walking on glazed tiles.

Tiles are also durable just like the hardwood, yet they are soft to sustain than the hardwood. Besides, these floor finishes are resistant to water and scratches.

What we don’t like about tiles is that they can break up, and it is not quite easy to supplant them. Overall, tiles look good and useful in the dining area, kitchen, and bathroom, where spills mostly occur.

Tiles vary in costs depending on the size and the pattern of the tiles. This flooring is too expensive, just like the hardwood.

3. Laminate

What is beautiful with laminate is its costs and likewise, appear like hardwood or tiles depending on the purpose. Laminate flooring is also easy to clean and maintain. On the other hand, it must not get wet or it will warp or break.

Another beneficial thing in the laminate is that it could also last for many years with proper care. Merely, it cannot be refinished like the hardwood. It will not come up or stain as well. Hence, it is very ideal for pets.

Laminate is best in sleeping rooms. It is not suitable in the kitchen, laundry room, or bathroom as these areas always get wet. Also, it is easy to install.

4. Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl tiles are constructed of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) chips that are heated and pressurized to take shape into thin sheets. Then, they are cut in different sizes. The most usual sizes of vinyl tiles are 12”x12” and 12”x24”.

They are quite long-lasting and comfortable to maintain as well. It is in effect for the budget too, because vinyl tiles are inexpensive and affordable.

Vinyl tiles are suitable in the kitchen, dirty kitchen, bath, and laundry room. If you are on tight budget, you may likewise use this flooring in bedrooms.

Some patterns of vinyl look like wood or tiles, but you will even notice its thin sheet. Overall, it is cost-efficient, and comfortable on your feet.

5. Carpet

Carpet can enhance a room.

Carpet is soft to look and can make your home cozy. On the other hand, it’s quite not easy to hold. You have to vacuum and steam-cleaned it always.

However, one con of the carpet is that it still gets dirt even though you vacuum it frequently. Hence, it must be located in low-traffic areas such as sleeping rooms.

Also, if you have a family member with allergies, carpet is not suitable in your home. What is best in carpet is that it can make the area aesthetically appealing.

How to Choose a Right Flooring

Choosing a right flooring for your home is quite complicated. You bear to view some matters before you can arrive up with the right flooring. The following are the things you should know before opting for any type of flooring:

1. The location

Each type of flooring has its best use or where it should be located. As mentioned above, the hardwood flooring is suitable in the living area and dining area. Similarly, ceramic tiles are too proficient in these areas, kitchen, and bathroom as well.

Vinyl is ideal in wet areas such as the kitchen and laundry area. If you are looking for flooring for bedrooms, the laminate is ideal for these areas. Similarly, you may also opt for carpets.

In one case, you have a basement, which is also a moisture environment just like the bath, you may take the ceramic tiles, vinyl tiles or concrete cement floor finish.

2. Consider the style of your house

In choosing flooring, you must take into account the design of your homes. Most contemporary and modern homes complement a hardwood, laminate or ceramic tile floor finish. But, often times, ceramic tiles and a combination of laminate mostly use in contemporary homes.

For a more conventional home style, you may opt for hardwood flooring. Rest houses such as log cabin must have hardwood flooring too. This is because the hardwood is advisable in cold places.

Simple houses may have floorings such as vinyl or laminate or carpet. Meanwhile, for condos, a carpet or laminate is the ideal floor finish.

3. Installation

If you desire to install the flooring, the best choice is the vinyl tile, laminate or carpet, which is easy to set up. Likewise, you can save a significant amount of money than having someone to install your flooring.

Meanwhile, hardwood and ceramic tiles need to be installed by skilled workers. Hence, you necessitate paying the initiation fee.

4. Maintenance

Flooring must be maintained or else they will not last long. If you are looking for flooring that is easy to keep up, you may opt for vinyl and laminate.

You may also choose ceramic tiles, but you have to clean the grout from time to time. Hardwood flooring is quite difficult to keep up, yet it truly looks beautiful. Similarly, a carpet always has persistent dust. Hence, you must clean it often.

5. Budget

One matter that you have to take in selecting flooring for your household is your budget. You need to measure your flooring in sq.ft. And multiply it with the price of the flooring per sq.ft.

Hardwood flooring is quite expensive as well as the ceramic tiles. The price as well depends on the sizes and designs.

If you have not much budget, you may opt for more low-cost flooring such as the laminate, and vinyl. Meanwhile, the carpet may cost a lot too, depending on how big it is and its material and design.

The Bottom Line

Flooring can enhance your house making it aesthetically beautiful. All you require to do is to select the right flooring that is suitable for your home and needs. Also, keep in mind that you have to maintain them well to prolong its lifespan and likewise can make you save money.

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2 Replies to “Choosing A Right Flooring For Your Home”

  1. Hi there! I have been looking for a good flooring for my living room. I was thinking either carpet or ceramic tiles. But considering the location of my house, (farm and dusty) i dont think carpet would be appropriate. But i would really enjoy the soft touch when you step on it like you can say that you really are in a comfort zone with a nice couch and watching tv with your love ones. Do you think it is ok to use carpet? Or ill go for the ceramic?

    1. Hello Randyford. I suggest that you opt for ceramic tiles for your living area as it is
      easy to clean and maintain than the carpet. Also, considering your location, the carpet is
      not appropriate as it may absorb much dust. Hence, you need to clean it often. Hope this
      helps. Thanks!

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