Beautiful Home Decors for a Loving Mom on Mother’s Day

Most mothers would have a smile on their faces upon receiving precious home décor gifts. They love to decorate their houses and make them beautiful and functional for their family.

In line with our goal to make homes beautiful, we would like to share some beautiful home decors for your loving mother. We think that these decors can make them smile on Mother’s Day.

Home Decors for a Living Room and Bedroom

Women like their living rooms and bedrooms cozy and appealing. This is because they are the receiving area, lounge area, and a sleeping area. You can sleep, read a good book or newspaper, entertain your guests,  or simply sit on a comfortable couch in these spaces.

A living room is furnished with furnitures such as sofa, armchair, center table, display cabinet, sideboard, and side tables. Among the home accessories that you can decorate in the living room include throw pillows, lampshade, floor lamp, vases, flowers, orb set, candy bowl, ashtray, figurines, and ashtray, among others.

Meanwhile, a bedroom has a relaxing bed, closet, dresser, and bedside tables, among others. You can also accessorize your bedroom with rugs, pillows, lighting, and art wall decors.

Take a glimpse of some home decors for a living room and bedroom. We think that they may be the best gifts for your mom on her special day.

  •  Shetland Toss Pillow

  • A Shetland Pillow is an elegant accent for a sofa or a bed. Also, it can add texture to any room or furniture.
  • Dimensions: 12″x20″

Materials: Front- 100% Wool; Back- 100% Polyester

Beautiful Home Decors
Color: Rose To Buy: $106.20, Apt2B.
Beautiful Home Decors
Color: Canary To Buy: $106.20, Apt2B.
Beautiful Home Decors
Color: Apricot To Buy: $106.20,Apt2B.
  • VINCIGANT Gold Crystal Cylinder Candle Holder (2 Pcs)

These 10 inches candle holders are elegantly designed and made from 100% handmade premium quality octagonal K9 crystals and metal. They are ideal decors in the living area and dining area. Pretty certain, your mom will surely love them.

Gold Crystal Cylinder Candle Holders To Buy: $32.99,
  • Jusdreen Tulip Wreath Home Decor

Surprise your mom with this charming 20 inches yellow and white tulip wreath home decor. It is made from artificial plastic flowers and leaves and rattan for the round holder. This wreath is perfect for your main entry door, particularly during the spring season.

Tulip Spring and Summer Wreath; To Buy: $49.99,
  • Brookite Table Lamp

The Brookie table lamp has that Bohemian charm with a handmade look. It is about 10x10x17.25 inches in measurements. This lamp is best placed in the living area, bedroom, or home office.

beautiful home decors
Two-tone glazes Brookite Table Lamp; To Buy: $ 115.20, Apt2B.
  • Homko Decorative Mason Jar Wall Decor

Let your wall speak with this set of 2 vintage mason jar wall decor. It comes with LED fairy lights and flowers that make this mason jar charming and appealing. Indeed, your mom will be happy receiving these as gifts.

Vintage Mason Jar Wall Decor; To Buy: $19.99,

  • Fritsch Vase

This vase can make a great accent in your living area beside a console table or sideboard. It is made of terracotta and finished with a glossy blue top and matte white base. It is about 8x8x14 inches in size.

Beautiful home decors
Fritsch Two-Color Vase; To Buy: $88.20, Apt2B.
  • Dublin Home Decor Tray and Orbs

Make your center table lovely with these tray and orbs ball set of three. It is of premium finishes and designs with a metallic-looking sheen and coffee brown color. The decorative tray is about 6.5 x 15.5 x 2 inches and the spheres are about 4 inches in diameter.

Home Decor Tray and Orb Set; To Buy: $27.99,

  • Wall26 Lavender in Bottles Canvas Wall Art

This canvas wall art is made by professionals in the United States. It is about 24 x 36 inches. It is perfect in an empty space in the bedroom or living area. Indeed, it will make a beautiful accent in your home.

Beautiful Home Decor
Lavender in Bottles Canvas Wall Decor; To Buy: $39.99,

The Bottom Line

Surprise your mom with the above beautiful home decors on the upcoming Mother’s Day. Certainly, she will be delighted and have that beautiful smile on her face upon unwrapping your gifts. Besides, these home decors are pretty certain will make the house of your mom charming and beautiful with added sentimental value. To a wonderful Happy Mother’s Day to all!


We are receptive to any comments and suggestions. Indeed, we will appreciate them. Feel free to leave them in the commentary box below.

All the best,



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6 Replies to “Beautiful Home Decors for a Loving Mom on Mother’s Day”

  1. Hi Hannah

    I really like your article. We are close to mothers day and I didn’t know what would be good for home. My mother always take care of home, she doesn’t like to see a mess when she gets home from work, I found really good ideas on your article to decorate my home on mothers day, I think I would get the Fritsch Vase and put some flowers on it (pink ones my mother loves them). However, I don’t know what else should I get for her, besides the flowers and some good decoration and, of course, a clean home, do you think that would be all I should do ? 

    1. Hello Andres. I’m glad you like our article. Yes, the Fritsch Vase is elegant and I’m sure your mother will like it. Besides giving her a gift on Mother’s Day, I think cleaning a home just as you have mentioned will make her happy. 🙂 All the best! 

  2. Hi nicely organised web site for Amazon purchases and targeted at Mothers day, This is always a hard time to think of gifts because they have everything (LOL) The site is nice and clean but I recently got criticism from the top because my heading picture was too big and that was my first impression with yours. However, it did get my attention and I read on.
    I hope you rack up over Mothers Day.

    Peter h

  3. With mothers day closing in, it is really important to have a gift. Unfortunately my mother died last year, so I can’t buy anything anymore for her. But I loved reading this article, and I’m pretty sure people will buy this, and their mother will like it, it looks beautiful ! Thanks a lot for sharing it. 

    1. Hi Emanuel. I’m sorry to hear about your mother. Thanks that you like our article and for your views. Wishing you the best in all your endeavors!

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