Best Ways to Clean Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless steel appliances look great in the kitchen, particularly if they shine. Also, this material is known for its strength and corrosion resistant.

Nevertheless, these appliances may become dirty with finger marks, dark stains or food residues. Recognizing the best ways to clean stainless steel appliances can expand their life span. At the same time, they will glow like new once more.

How to clean stainless steel appliances?

To contribute ideas on how to clean them, we have listed some cleaning tips that we think are effective in making your stainless steel appliance shines.

1. Vinegar and oil

We believe the best cleaner of stainless steel appliances is the combination of vinegar and oil. To commence with, prepare the needed supplies such as microfiber cloth or paper towel, vinegar, and oil (whatever oil you prefer).

Know the grain of your appliances. The stainless steel has grains too, just like the wood. It can be either vertical or horizontal. Once you have determined the grain, clean your stainless steel appliance in the direction of that grain.

Take a microfiber cloth and pour close to vinegar or you may spray it straight to the surface of your convenience. Rub the surface with vinegar. This will initially clean the surface and may glow a bit.

Once done, dip your microfiber cloth or soft cloth in any type of oil. Then, wipe it in the direction of the grain. You will observe that the dirty marks or stains disappear. Also, you will discover that your appliance becomes shiny again. You try this way, it really works!

2. Dish soap and baby oil

What we like with dish soap is that it can take away the extra oils and grime from your stainless steel. Take a soft cloth or rag and use dish soap.

Wet it with a little amount of water and wipe it along the grain of the surface of your appliance. Initially, some dirt is cleared. In case, there are stubborn dark marks, you may wipe the cloth all over once more.

Take another second rag and brush up the surface with a baby or mineral oil. Keep in mind that you must follow the grain of your stainless steel. You will be surprised when you find out your appliances clean with black stains.

3. Glass Cleaner

The fingerprints on stainless steel appliances are stubborn. They are difficult to remove and this affects the appearance of the appliances. Really, they look untidy with these fingerprints.

One of the stainless steel appliance cleaners is a glass cleaner. Spray a glass cleaner on a microfiber cloth and wipe the fingerprints in a circular movement. You may repeat until the surface becomes clear of fingerprints. Then, rinse and pat it dries with a clean towel.

As well, do not spray the glass cleaner directly on the stainless blade. This will create splatter residue and stains that can tally to your cleaning works.

The Bottom Line

Get your appliances to shine like new by watching over the best ways to clean stainless steel appliances. As well, keep in mind that you should not use cleaning solutions with chlorine bleach or chloride, jewelry polish, abrasive scrubbing pads, and steel brushes because these might damage your appliances.

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6 Replies to “Best Ways to Clean Stainless Steel Appliances”

  1. This post is just what I needed. When looking for a home, my husband and I found one and fell in love, BUT it had stainless steel appliances. Growing up in a home with these kinds of appliances, I know how hard they can be to clean, so instantly I was put off by this fact. Reluctantly I agreed that the home was nice, and despite the stainless steel, we moved in. But I don’t need to worry about those appliances anymore because thankfully I have found this post! I can’t wait to try the dish soap and baby oil. Thank you for sharing these awesome tips!


    1. Hello Madysen. Thanks for your comment. I really appreciate it. Yes, these cleaning tools are effective. You may try them and do not forget to follow the grains of your stainless steel appliances. And you will see that your stainless steel appliances shine again as new. 🙂

      All the best,

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